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Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants

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OVSJG Staff Contacts and Organization Chart

OVSJG Staff Roster and Organization Chart 
Jennifer Porter, Director
Phone: (202) 724-7216; Email: [email protected]
Kelley Dillon, Interim Deputy Director, Victim Services
Phone: (202) 727-3934; Email: [email protected]
Tawana Stewart, Deputy Director, Justice Grants
Phone: (202) 727-1935; Email: [email protected]

Traci Lewis, Administrative Officer
Phone: (202) 727-2562; Email: [email protected]

Brenda Aleman, Grants Management Specialist   
Phone: (202) 727-6710; Email: [email protected]

Suzie Dhere, Training Specialist
Phone: (202) 724-2114; Email: [email protected]

Alina Gomez, Grants Management Specialist
Phone: (202) 727-0957; Email: [email protected]
Shoteria Pearson, Program Analyst
Phone: (202) 727-6495; Email: [email protected]
Chavonne Quarles, Grants Management Specialist
Phone: (202) 727-6329; Email: [email protected]

Jessica Harris, Resource Allocation Analyst
Phone: (202) 727-9541; Email: [email protected]
Linda Irizarry, Grants Management Specialist
Phone: (202) 727-6146; Email: [email protected]
Daniza Medina, Senior Grants Management Specialist
Phone: (202) 442-4936; Email: [email protected]
Melissa Milchman, Senior Grants Mangement Specialist
Phone: (202) 727-5047; Email: [email protected]
Shannon Morris, Special Assistant
Phone: (202) 727-4536; Email: [email protected]
Robert Petty, Special Assistant  
Phone: (202) 741-9511; Email: [email protected]
Ciatta Ramble-Savoy, Truancy Reduction Program Coordinator
Phone: (202) 442-7789; Email: [email protected]

Daniel Rappaport, Grants Management Specialist
Phone: (202) 727-8869; Email: [email protected]
Mark Timberlake, Project Coordinator (Trauma)
Phone: (202) 368-4742; Email: [email protected]
Anissa Walker, Grants Management Specialist 
Phone: (202) 788-2281; Email: [email protected]