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Private Security Camera Rebate Program FAQs

1. Do I have to purchase a specific type of security camera system?
While there is no requirement for a specific type of system, there are some minimum and recommended specifications.        
2. Do I have to install the security camera(s) in a specific location? 
Cameras need to be installed on the exterior of the building.  
3. How much is the rebate?
Applicants can apply for a security camera rebate of up to $200 per camera for a maximum rebate of $500 per address of a property used as a residence; or $750 per address of a property used for anything other than a residence. The rebate is only for the cost of the camera(s), including sales tax. Other costs, such as installation, accessories, and storage are not covered. 
4. Can I get reimbursed for more than one camera? 
Yes.  While there is a limitation of only one (1) security camera system per property address, a camera system may include multiple cameras.  You can apply for a rebate for more than one camera, as long as the amount requested does not exceed $200 per camera and the total does not exceed $500 per address of a property used as a residence; or $750 per address of a property used for anything other than a residence. 
For example:
  • A resident purchases a camera system with two (2) cameras at a cost of $200 per camera. The rebate request should be $400.
  • A resident purchases a camera system with three (3) cameras at a cost of $300 per camera. The rebate request should be $500, as only $200 is allowable per camera, with a maximum rebate of $500 for a residential address. 
  • A business purchases a camera system with six (6) cameras at a cost of $150 per camera. The rebate request should be $750 as the maximum request for a business is $750. 
5. How long will it take to receive the rebate?
Upon submission of an application, it will take up to 45 business days to receive the rebate, if the application is complete and approved. 
6. How can I submit my application for the Private Security Camera Incentive Program if I do not have a computer?
There are several locations throughout the city that provide access to computers.  A complete list of access to free computers can be found at You can also text the word “FIND” to 83224 or call (202) CONNECT (202-266-6328).
7. How do I register my camera with the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)
Visit and complete the form. 
8. What documents do I need in order to apply for a rebate? 
  • Proof of purchase for the security camera system that includes a description of the number and cost of cameras purchased, and demonstrates payment made.  
  • Proof of registration with MPD.  
  • Documentation of consent of property owner, if the applicant is a tenant.
  • Proof that your cameras can store and retain at least forty-eight (48) hours of video footage.  (Note: several systems—including but not limited to Arlo, Maximus, Nest, Ring, and Simplisafe—require the separate purchase of cloud-based storage to meet this requirement. This is not an exhaustive list of all brands and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of a specific product. Please double check to see if your system requires additional storage before submitting an application.)
  • Proof of installation, including photos of the installed cameras, if installation was by a business with a valid Basic Business License that is engaged in the installation of security systems.  
9. Does the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) have access to the footage from the cameras? 
Residents who are interested in participating in the program are required to register their cameras with the MPD.  Although the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) will not have access to live video from the camera, it can request that the program participant provide access to recorded footage. 
10. Can I unregister my camera?
Participants can send an email to [email protected] to unregister their camera. They should include their name, address, registration number (if available), and the reason they are unregistering their camera.

11. Can I add cameras to the system and get a rebate after the initial application? 
Yes. Participants can add a camera to their system and get a rebate up to the maximum amount allowed for the property (e.g., if a resident received a rebate of $400 with their first application, they can apply for an additional rebabte up to $100 for an added camera(s)).  Please visit for information on how to create a new application.  
If you have additional questions, please contact the program at [email protected] or 202-727-5124.