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Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants

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Private Security Camera System Incentive Program

The Private Security Camera Incentive Program, administered by the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants, encourages residents, businesses, non-profits and religious institutions to install security camera systems on their property and register them with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). This program is intended to help deter crime and assist law enforcement with investigations.

There are two ways to participate: 

The Private Security Camera Rebate Program  creates a rebate for residents, businesses, nonprofits, and religious institutions to purchase and install security camera systems on their property and register them with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). The program provides a rebate of up to $200 per camera, with a maximum rebate of up to $500 per residential address (e.g., home offices, condo buildings, and apartments) and $750 for all other eligible addresses. The rebate is exclusively for the cost of the camera(s) including any applicable tax.  

The Private Security Camera Voucher Program  provides a private security camera system to eligible residents free of charge. District residents—either owners or tenants—who receive public assistance may be eligible to have a camera system installed at their home.

If you have questions about the rebate or voucher program, please contact us at [email protected] or 202-727-5124.

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Private Security Camera Incentive Program Reports

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